Sunday, June 13, 2010


Shri Vrindavan Dham
Vrindavan ke vrikshon ka marm naa jane koi, daal daal aur paat paat pe Radhe Radhe hoi.
Vrindavan is the most beautiful place which was a forest during Krishan avtar. It was this lovely place where kanha spent his childhood as a cowherd boy along with his beloved cowherd friends who were his very intimate sakhis. There is also a divya Vrindavan within this place known as nidhivan where actually the divine pair Ras Bihari is always enjoying Rasleela – ‘His keli leela with Raaseshwari shri mati Radha Rani’.
The beauty of Vrindavan has been described by many poets, sages like Vedvyas Shukdev etc. Once a sakhi who has been blessed by Shri Haridasji enters the nikunj mahal and is stunned to see the beautiful environment of divya Vrindavan. Haridas ji is also there and looks at her smilingly. He tells the sakhi ‘The grooves and climbers of Vrindavan are all the creative work of Vrinda devi who is also one of the dearest Sakhi of Bihari Biharniji. It is her utmost desire to decorate Vrindavan in such a way that it appears new every time they see it. Kaam dev is an expert in making places beautiful but even he realized what an utter failure he is compared to Vrinda devi. The beauty of Vrindavan is no where to be found in all the three worlds. The beautiful archs made out of creepers, bushes and trees have created beautiful palaces for the divine pair of the universe. The lovely aroma of scented flowers which the nature has painted all over can send ripples of pleasure to the sakhis and sahcharis of the nikunj mahal.
Suddenly one can feel the scent of earth during the first shower of rain.
0h sakhi Is it drizzling or am I dreaming!
What lovely black clouds have appeared in the sky
I can hear the sounds of some melodious music.
It is coming from the clouds as if inviting the pair to come out of the grooves and enjoy the beautiful rainy season of Vrindavan. .

Sakhi look, there comes Bihariji with his beloved Biharni ji. Both are looking so thrilled and excited like small children during the first shower of rain. Both are getting drenched in the rain. Look Biharni ji is not able to control the pallu of her saree which is flying away as if it wants freedom to fly away in the sky. Look at the golden lightening from the clouds which looks as elegant as our Bihariji and Biharniji. It seems Radha ji is looking up at Shyamsunder and telling him ‘I am getting wet ,Please cover me in your yellow robe Pitamber and embrace me. Lal ji smiles with slightly a bashful glance and while looking at her holds her hand tightly and embraces her. Both of them are clung to each other as if every thing has come to a stand still. Their hearts are close to each other and both can feel the skipping of each others heart beats. Both are enchanted by the magical ambience of Vrindavan that they are unaware that the sakhi’s too are looking at them without moving their eye lids. In this season everyone is so delighted that they keep on looking first at the pair and then the clouds out of which lightning keeps coming and going. The sahchari’s who are watching this keli leela are flabbergasted and one of them remarks, ‘Oh my sakhi just keep on glaring at this scene where both are engrossed staring at each other as though there is no one nearby. Sakhi can you hear the conversation of the clouds and the lightning. The clouds are saying ‘so far everyone used to praise our beauty, but now every one is delighted to see the shyama shyam beauty which looks like us. Damini replies , yes Megha you are right but we too have been blessed because every one compares them to us. In fact they are much above us because we are there only during the rainy season but this jori is permanently existing all the time.

Suddenly as if both have woken up from a dream Bihariji notices that Biharaniji is anxious and alarmed . He asks her what is the matter to which she points towards a very charming sakhi. Oh Vrinda! How nice to see you dressed so beautifully. In fact we were looking out for you because we wanted to thank you for decorating our kunj’s so beautifully. We both are so much enchanted and joyful that our heart is skipping beats and we just don’t know what is happening to us. At this Vrinda replied, ‘You both are everything to me and I am only your servant. It is my utmost desire to make you happy and help you in your keli leelas. Please let me know if there is any discrepancy in my service towards you. Bihariji says oh Vrinda sakhi what are you saying, You don’t know how much we are obliged to you for all you have done to beautify Vrindavan which is our only abode in the whole universe. Bihariniji adds on to say dear Vrinda you are my life and soul. I always feel that I am part of you only. In fact you are me and I am you. I am hidden in your beauty but the pleasure you are giving us is immeasurable. My dearest you are my most intimate sakhi where all our keli leelas, our laughter, dance, singing and enjoying is going on in your lap. Each and every tree, vine, creeper, flower and the aroma of the nectar flowing all over Vrindavan is your creation. The yamuna bank, the birds, the kadamb tree and the goverdhan hill all are such blissful sights and they are all a part of you and me. Vrinda was so overjoyed to hear such praise worthy words that she was overwhelmed and had tears of love and affection in her eyes that she was in someway useful to the divine duo, She promised them that she will continue doing this seva all her life and thanked Bihariniji’s for her grace on her which had made her life worthwhile.

(This is a translation of keli maal. One must have pure mind to understand the divine love of the almighty who is beyond the lust we worldly people are aquainted with.)


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